An international leader in the field of lighting. Decorative, architectural, outdoor.

Carpenter Emergency Lighting
Emergency lighting, exit signs, central inverter systems and controls.

CD Lighting
Cleanroom, security and high abuse luminaires.

Architectural grade, energy efficient lighting. LED and fluorescent.

The world’s leader for advanced home, campus and building control automation solutions.

DW Windsor
Outdoor architectural and decorative lighting.

Edison Price Lighting
Specification grade down-lighting, wall washing, track systems.

LED supermarket and food industry lighting.

Assymetric luminaires for indoor and outdoor applications. Part of The Lighting Quotient.

Envoy Lighting
Commercial and industrial lighting products; specification grade and retrofit.

Eye Lighting
Innovative provider of LED lighting, HID lamps and lighting controls.

Italian-made decorative interior and exterior fixtures.

Functional Devices
Building controls.

Street, flood, highbay, panel, downlight, interior, flood with heat managed LED.

Global Lighting Perspectives
Decorative exterior light poles and fixtures.

Aluminum and steel light poles and brackets.

HCI Lighting
Indoor and outdoor, architectural luminaires, poles and bollards.

Hevi Lite
Small architectural indoor and outdoor luminaires.

Hi-Lite Manufacturing
Broad selection of RLM and decorative residential lighting.


EnOcean wireless lighting controls.

Indatech Lighting
Hazardous and industrial lighting products.

LED fixtures, LED tape and accessories.

KW Industries
Straight and tapered steel pole products.


L.C. Doane
Strong and durable fixtures for wet and dry environments. Commercial, MIL-SPEC, security.

LED edge-lit light panels, light boxes, ultra-slim signage.

Architectural and performance lighting control systems.

LED Living Technology
LED retrofit and new construction fixtures.

LED Roadway Lighting
LED street, roadway and area lighting fixtures and control systems.

LG Lighting
LED troffers, decorative low-bays, linear pendants, downlights, lamps.


Liton Lighting
Recessed, track, undercabinet LED products for new construction, remodel, and retrofit applications

Lighting fixtures for multi-unit residential projects.

Lumen Center Italia
Contemporary and classic, indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures made in Italy.

Lumos Custom Lighting
Custom lighting, signage, and dimensional graphics.

Merit Lighting
Photoluminescent and tritium exit signs.

Italian brand recognized for its research of natural materials. Indoor and outdoor fixtures.

NTC Lighting
Specification grade indoor and outdoor fixtures, retrofit kits, poles and accessories.

Ohyama Lights
LED fixtures and lamps for commercial and residential applications.

Pace Illumination
Architectural indoor and outdoor lighting in traditional and contemporary styles.

Pathway Lighting
Architectural and commercial downlights, pendants, surface lighting.


Self-luminous tritium exit signs.

Philips Bodine
Emergency battery packs for HID and fluorescent fixtures.

Philips Chloride
Emergency lighting for commercial, industrial, architectural facilities.

Philips Day-Brite
High quality fluorescent, HID, downlighting and emergency lighting systems.

Philips Forecast
Part of Philips Consumer Luminaires. Contemporary lighting for interior/exterior applications.

Philips Gardco
High performance outdoor luminaires; sophisticated lamp technologies, LEDs and HID.

Philips Hadco
Lighting systems serving the municipal, commercial and residential markets.

Philips Ledalite
Lighting systems for commercial and institutional buildings.

Philips Lightolier
Interior architectural luminaires; downlighting, track, decorative, exit & emergency, controls.

Philips Lumec
Outdoor decorative lighting products.

Philips Optimum
Energy-efficient fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Philips Stonco
Contractor-rated luminaires; high effieciency LED, HID, linear fluorescent, induction sources.

Powerline Control Systems
Lighting and electrical control devices for the residential, commercial and industrial markets.

SEBCO Industries
Low voltage lighting transformers, LED drivers, metal halide ballasts.

Self Electronics
Refrigerated display, shelving, general lighting for retail environments.

Sentry Electric
Architectural grade outdoor luminaires, poles, bollards.

SLV Lighting
Innovative provider of residential and commercial luminaires for interior and exterior use.

Lightweight, output, focused beam and full-dimming LED lamps.

Solar Global Solutions
High quality solar power and energy storage systems.

Solar powered lighting solutions for roadways and public spaces.

Solar Path USA
Solar powered road markers, traffic signs, street and are lighting.

Furniture mounted lighting for the workplace. Part of The Lighting Quotient.

Thomas Lighting
Part of Philips Consumer Luminaires. Traditional style residential lighting fixtures.

Energy efficient recessed lighting solutions.

Vivid LEDs
Indoor and outdoor, specification grade LED replacement lamps and fixtures.


VONN Lighting
Residential and commercial LED lighting products.

Waldmann Lighting
Energy efficient lighting for architectural, office, medical and industrial applications.